Rappers React To 6IX9INE – GINÉ (Official Music Video)

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Here Are Reactions from Rappers To 6IX9INE – GINÉ (Official Music Video)

this is what many fans and rappers have

Been waiting for, on March 8th Takashi 69

That posted to his Instagram

”When I left And took a break, I didn’t say a word to anyone, I didn’t need to explain anything,

I just did it, I woke up, and now I want To take over again now get out of my way,

The king of New York is back now”

Following the Instagram story, 69 posted a snippet of his new song, he also added a caption to it saying ”I hope everyone enjoyed their 15 minutes, the boy is back.

April 15th I’m the beast they couldn’t contain, the industry’s most hated animal.

On April 15th the king of New York is coming back, I’m coming home don’t get caught on replay”

Now with the snippet, 69 posted, this got many reactions from rappers but also the street members that 69 snitched.

On a day after he posted his snippet video, the spot that he recorded was vandalized as reported by DJ academics.

They vandalized that place where six-nine recorded a video as they wrote rat all

Over it. Now six-nine commented on DJ Akademik’s post, ”he said what did building do to them sliding with graffiti cans, okay got it now.’

All of this got the attention of Fabio foreign, as Fabio has now become the largest rapper in New York City, he posted this reaction on Twitter ”five billboards in Times Square, top five songs in New York, on apple at once and articles in both daily news and New York times, don’t ever let that man say he’s the king of this city”.

This is when we then saw 69 replies to favio

69 responded to fivio foreign


”Didn’t his best friend get hit in his head a month ago, He’s worried about billboards in Times Square” (with several laughing emojis).

it didn’t end here with favio foreign

the first week numbers of his album he

just released bible was released to the

public now being on pace to sell 29k

units first week 69 replied to this

saying this is y’alls king not black

bald all of those features the whole

industry promoted that and now you have

kanye and nikki sidekick they even tried

to help you promote it so this isn’t the

first time we have seen six nine resort

to bringing up people that have passed

in arguments and beefs that he tries to

create online as everyone remembers when

king von sadly passed six nine he did a

lot to lil dirk now six nine posted a

selfie of him wearing king von’s face on

a t-shirt he added a caption to that

saying he really thought y’all loved him

he believed y’all if he ain’t slide for

his brother who got hit in his head then

you thought different with once again

the classic six nine laughing emojis now

don’t be surprised when this new song

drops that six nine absolutely goes at

favio many rappers consider this

interesting timing of six nine’s return

as over two weeks ago six nine revealed

to a judge that he is broke and he is

struggling to get by this is when whack

100 on the clubhouse app reacted to 69

being broke whack 100 confirms that 6 9

has nothing he even says that he gave

takashi 6 9 20 for gas before now many

believe that six nine released this new

song as the rapper is right now being

sued for 11 million dollars in a civil

lawsuit this all started from a 2018

robbery that he was involved in now this

robbery begins with members of nine tray

and takashi 69 scouting out and

following two individuals they go by the

name of saketha wanzer and kevin dozier

in new york city one of the two

individuals were robbed by members of 9

tray with the use of firearms meanwhile

the other individual was an innocent

bystander who now claims they have ptsd

takashi 69 filmed the entire incident

from a nearby suv with the window rolled

down as this robbery happened in the

lobby of a hotel now the rapper and his

crew mistakenly believed these two men

were members of rapala records which at

the time 69 was having lots of beef

within the industry 69 admitted he

recorded the robbery during his time

snitching in court online tray 69 claims

it was his manager’s idea the two

individuals involved are suing takashi

for 5 million

each this is when we saw 69 reveal he

has absolutely nothing and is struggling

to get by 69 said this in court i did

receive large advances under the

recording artist and merchandising

agreements prior to my arrest however i

do not receive any royalties under those

agreements either since my royalty

accounts remain unrecouped i have had to

try to restart my career after my

release from prison i was out of the

business for two years which caused me

to lose all of the momentum i had

achieved before i was arrested i may

never reach the same level of success i

had before my arrest also because of the

real world issues affecting the world my

ability to generate income from touring

has been greatly reduced live concert

revenue was a big part of the money i

used to make as an artist that is no

longer the case now i did not do any

concert tours in 2021 and i have none

booked for 2022. my present income

supports myself my two children their

mother my mother and my brother my

accountant justin kobe knows exactly

what my existing assets and sources of

income are and i rely upon my accountant

for providing this court with that

accurate information under a separate

declaration submitted along with the

defendant’s pre and quest submissions

right now i am struggling to make ends

meet i don’t know if i will ever command

the kind of advances i was once paid

before my arrest and career stalled if

the courtroom awards the damages sought

by plaintiffs at this inquest it will

surely bankrupt me in a way and from

which i will never recover to the

hardship of my family members who rely

upon me signed daniel hernandez

otherwise known as takashi 69 69’s

accountant justin kobe mentions that the

gummo’s rapper net worth is technically

less than zero so what 69 revealed in

court gives a lot of insight on why he

is now returning to music so following

those documents this photo was then

attached to those court files showing

takashi 69 summary of income and

expenses for the year of 2018 to 2022

just so you know it’s legit for the year

2020 you’ll see the 10 million dollar

deal he signed following him snitching

his way out of prison in that record

deal 69 signed away all of the rights to

his music as when you look at his

balance sheet 69 doesn’t have much left

which explains why in the year 2022

takashi 69 has only made 27 000

meanwhile his youtube channel has

generated over 30 million views in the

last month which that alone would

estimate a hundred and fifty thousand

dollars so it hasn’t been reported if

six nine signed a new record deal yet

but this new song may be his first of

many as an independent artist but many

rappers thought that six nine

disappeared because he has no record

label anymore but other rappers suggest

that he left due to members of otf and

oblock catching him slippin allegedly in

this video i’m about to share are

members of otf running up on 69 while he

was sitting in his parked vehicle things

didn’t get too crazy as they were in the

streets of new york which is constantly

filled with law enforcement six nine

hasn’t been having the regular security

lately as he obviously can’t afford it

like he used to but here’s the video i’m

talking about


so after this video went around a very

concerning photo of six nine was then

brought up in this photo you see six

nine getting a cast put onto his arm a

second photo was attached to it but i

can’t share due to six nine having many

bruises on his face many people believed

this is why 69 disappeared from the

music industry it does make sense but

you could also make the argument he

didn’t have a record label so he didn’t

want to release music as he doesn’t know

how it will perform as an independent

artist but there was fabio foreign

little dirk in whack 100’s reaction to

69 returning i hope you enjoyed i’m out


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