Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab On Certified Lover Boy! (2021 Gist)

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Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab.

Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab On Certified Lover Boy!

So everybody woke up to today if you had title if you got iTunes, and anywhere you listen to music, you’ve seen at the top of the list, it was pushed in your face Drake’s album called certified Loverboy and from preliminary, you know, the reaction it is complete fire and a lot of people are going in over hyping it, but I sat, and I listened to a lot of songs, and I’m really, really feeling the vibe and like all of them, but it’s a solid album so far, but you can’t really you know, read the album within a day you got to give us some time to digest, but I will definitely give it a thumbs up right now for you guys to go check out well that’s not the problem mean there’s one song you guys looking at our Kelly you’re looking at Drake and like what’s going on? What is one particular song that has people going nuts now, the one song is called Tsu. And that has people going crazy because they are looking through credits. And they see our Kelly listed as one of the writers. So immediately people started going at Drake saying how the heck you got a song with our Kelly on their being as though he’s on trial right now for racketeering, among other things, right. So here’s the explanation for that song. And it’s called Tsu. And it’s okay. I mean, you know, go check it outright? I’m not going to put it out now. Right, So, alright, let’s get to it.

Right So, the song Tsu was a sampling right of in sync selling which is a cover of Christopher cross 1980 soft rock hit now R Kelly is rumored to have had a hand in that song. So this explains why when you look at the credits of t and as you’ll see Christopher cross, Justin Timberlake, and R Kelly now the reason according to who sample You know, they’re pretty much saying is later been confirmed by Rolling Stone that Tsu contains a sample of our Kelly’s 1998 hit half on a baby. So this explains why, you know, you see our Kelly’s name and accredits now you can say that the 22nd mark. We know you can actually hear that little sample in there but yeah, that is what it is man people are going crazy over they’re going nuts they’re pissed off about it.

Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab 2021 trending Gist

Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab

They’re coming out great. They’re saying yo we need an explanation because obviously, this is not a mistake. What the heck is R Kelly’s name doing in the credit ?. Here’s a sample of one of his songs and this is the thing man I mean obviously you know R Kelly hasn’t been convicted yet. Some people think that he did it you know, his music is there as the music is what it is and regardless even if it gets convicted Yeah, you’re going to have masses that I’m probably not going to like them any more to go on. They’re going to say, put this guy into the jail. But one thing for sure one thing for certain his music is going to stand the test of time even if it gets taken off of streaming platforms, he’s going to have his fans who probably got CDs who got songs burnt to a computer’s be paid to have an old mp3 player who knows is going to stand the test of time, and they’re going to love his music regardless.

And you know, I think that’s something that we all have to do sit up here and accept that I’m not mad at anybody if they come out say man, forget this dude. He did this. He did that, especially if he’s convicted, and they want to move on, and they don’t want to listen to our music. That’s their prerogative. I don’t have anything particularly you know against that but Yeah, boy go check out the album-certified lover boy Santa’s hashtag everywhere CLB all over the internet today, and it didn’t disappoint. I was gonna actually put a poll up for you guys and actually guys about Kanye not to compare Kanye and Drake but more, so you know I’m gonna say this though, and hopefully, I’m wrong right? I was kind of looking for this type of music or album to say from Kanye the kind of album that Drake delivers like the so funny to say that Connie doesn’t have a soulful To me, it got a little bit too churchy.

Attacks on Drake For R Kelly Collab On Certified Lover Boy!

Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab.

But I’m going to give us some time. Like I said, a couple of days, a few weeks. You can’t really review an album fully. You have to give it a long time, maybe a few months, and digest songs. Listen to him over and over. Have different things happening in life, so you can digest the music. And then we can sit back and say, okay, that’s why, you know, we actually interviewed Benzino last weekend, they had the source magazine where they had the mic folder was great because before you got to listen to the music most times, you know the microphone rain come out and come out, you know, 12344 and a half or five mics, so you got to see in the book like, oh, yo,
like, This dude is going to be fired. Now again, I’m gonna give us some time, but people are, and I’m gonna get you guys’ opinion before I believe my opinion. Would you guys think about this? Do you think that the sort of file Loverboy is a sort of classic? Do you think we need more? Tom? What do you think about the album also, I want to hear you guys compare and contrast to Kanye, who do you like better? Kanye is different. It’s on a different level. And I think people can definitely appreciate, you know, his growth and elevation.

But I was kind of looking for the old nine 2010 Kanye, but I said in the back of my mind like you know what? People evolve, people grow and people have different stages in their life. You know, with things just different. I mean, anybody could look at their life and pretty much see that right now. But um, yeah, please rate that one. Would you guys think about certified level boy, what do you guys think about Yeezy’s new album? Dun, dun, dun. What do you guys think about that? Want to hear that also, man, on the way out, I need you guys to go ahead. Make sure you smash that share button if you didn’t do so. Makes you share this article. Why Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab.

Fans Attack Drake For R Kelly Collab On Certified Lover Boy!

Fans Attack On Drake For R Kelly Collab

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